Secondary suites can add tremendous value to your property. They can be built above your garage as a mother-in-law suite or you can renovate your basement and created a dedicated separate entrance. Urban Quality Construction will take care of all the permits to make sure that your suite is legal.

Secondary Source of Income

Having a secondary suite can stabilize your family’s income. Having a legal mother-in-law suite or basement suite allows your home to generate an income for you. If you live on your property you can keep a close eye on your rental property and have the peace of mind that it is being maintained. If you live remotely and rent out the main home, you have now generated a second rental space.

Bringing Families Together

Whether you build a mother-in-law suite above your garage or create a separate entrance for your basement suite, having a secondary suite can bring extended families closer together. Whether you have aging family members or a dependent with a disability, secondary suites can be a way to maintain independence but still have support close by.


To begin exploring if a secondary suite is right for you and your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.